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Android Tips and Tricks For Customization is a blog that discusses about 700 more tips and tricks all android. Android market share increases rapidly as the user who has reached about 243 billion using Android smart phones.

Android is a Linux based operating system for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablet computer savvy. Android provides an open platform for developers to create their own applications for use by a wide range of mobile devices. Therefore, our web team of experts will give tips about Android, android developers, and updates. In addition a variety of free apps you can download easily on your computer.

You can make requests about android solutions to problems that occur on your device. We will help quickly would have been tested and passed the test program. By following the tutorial, you are expected to be able to follow the stages and steps carefully, carefully, and be careful. Failure in the process of customization you provided is considered negligence. Why do you use the Android smartphones?

Surplus Android Mobiles:

  1. Open source operating system, allowing users to create their own software.
  2. Many applications in both software and games that we can enjoy from paid to free.
  3. In terms of appearance, looks elegant, so users will not be easily bored.
  4. Multitasking is which means it can run many applications at once, it means you can run browsing, Facebook, IM, while at the same mendengerkan song, but it also depends on the processor phones. So make sure before buying Android phones have a minimum 1GZ processor for smooth multitasking.
  5. Ease of notification, each getting misscall, SMS, Chat from ym new or Facebook, Email, or even the latest articles from an RSS Reader, there will always be a notification, If the phone is not in the grip ketinggalanm you do not have to worry, because the LED indicator light blinks constantly blinking, so you will not miss a single SMS, Email or misscall though.
  6. Display (theme), If you are bored with the view presented by the manufacturer, you can change at will, simply by downloading the android market.
  7. Widgets, which serves to facilitate the user in setting up or selecting applications to be run
  8. Syncronisation, if you are a user of Gmail or Ymail, you can menginterigrasikan with your phone, so you will memepermudah check or send email.
Disadvantages Android Mobiles:
  • Batteries run out quickly, no doubt is the reason why more multitasking android phones are very wasteful in the use of batteries, but you do not worry, there are many solutions to save battery life, one of them with Mobo Taks killer applications, such as what I'm wearing today. Mobo Taks Killer Application serves to stop the application process is not used anymore.
  • Operation, it seems difficult if you are just learning Android and will definitely be confusing because it is very different from other phones.
  • Ad, If you menggunakna free app, the ads will always appear on the applications and the emergence of advertising only when you are connected to the Internet.
  • Expensive internet connection, faster browsing and when there are no barriers, but also the cost to internetpun according to speed, so you have to buy the internet package, depending on the card you use.
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